MSBOA Clinic

The MSBOA will be offering a free Fox Clinic, to be held on Sunday, October 15th at 8AM – 12PM at Monty Tech Fitchburg. This clinic will include Interpreters from around the state that will present a variety of topics to help you in the upcoming year. The keynote speaker for this event will be Dan Shepardson of Board 105 in Vermont, who is one of the four IAABO National Co-Interpreters. He is a great speaker who presented at the Fox Clinic in Greenfield two years ago and has presented at many of the IAABO Fall Meetings. A continental breakfast will be included and served prior to the start of the Clinic.

Included in the Clinic will be an IAABO Interpretation Session at the end of the event which covers your requirement for the upcoming year, given by the Massachusetts State Board Interpreter, Bill Boutilier of Board 130. This event has always been very informative, and officials of all experience levels will find this interesting and will come away from the Clinic having learned something that they can apply to their officiating for the upcoming season.